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tv   [untitled]    February 27, 2013 1:00am-1:30am PST

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educators for the accident honor roll celebration last week it was really wonderful. i want to do a shout out to the numerous elementary schools who paraded in the chinese new year parade, the ones that i saw, gordon low and west portal and it was really wonderful to see the kids and their families. i want to announce national read allowed day at sunset elementary this friday, i hope that folks can participate. and the japanese bilingual and by cultural program. celebrating the 40th anniversary on march 9th. and congratulations to cyc on its 43rd annual festival of youth on march 13th. >> thank you. >> commissioner maufas? ? i just want to follow along with commissioner murase indicated with the alliance of
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black school educators thank you for being there and i know that you were under the weather but it was nice to have you give a welcome and it was very much appreciated. and thank you commissioner murase and haney for coming and i know that other board members were trying to make it there as well. my one announcement this weekend although there are many events, i am happy to represent the board of education at the black cuisine judging contest saturday since none of you will make it because you will be at the summit or the conference on saturday march second, it is the 33rd annual black cuisine cook off. there will be many, many food vendors as well so if you are not judging in the contest, there will be a wonderful compliment of all kinds of food, there available and it is really supporting the bay view hunter's point, dr. david
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george senior center. and cathy davis was really leading the charge this year. so, i will represent you all well. just so you know. >> all right, commissioner mendoza. >> thank you. >> so on the report so buildings and grounds met on monday and we had a really good conversation about local hire policy and we put forward a positive recommendation which will be coming to the full board directing the staff to develop a policy. and there is a city school district select committee meeting tomorrow and there are a couple of agenda items and one includes the presentation of the shared school yards and the other is i am sorry, thursday. yes. what did i say? >> tomorrow. i still, thank you.
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and then, a discussion on middle school on the middle school or the middle school development. and actually i don't know if i framed that properly. >> good enough. >> more or less. >> we are not really fully clear. >> and then i want to just make a couple of announcements, there is the 6th annual crab fest for san francisco rec and park fund at the irish cultural center tomorrow evening. and why i wanted to note this is because this was set up actually by supervisor elsbern and he created this event to support the local charities in the bay area and it has been a huge success over the years, but last year the rec and park
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scholarship allocated $160,000 and many of the students have benefited from the scholarship fund and i wanted to thank them for their efforts in continuing to do that and announce that the mlc academic middle school and their students of promise and the pta is having a family night dinner and town hall meeting and that is going to be tomorrow evening, i am sorry, thursday. thursday is really hard for me. thursday from 5:00 to 7:00 at mlk. i know i want it all to go away and there is also, on friday, is the finals for the poetry slam. that youth speaks hosts every year and this is going to be for their annual slam competitions and competition and there are 6 finalists, i am actually going to be judging this on friday evening and just
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wanted to note that the 6 finalists are from the schools that they are from are raw talent and school of the arts and okay land and mission high and burton high and so i am looking forward as not being biased on who should win that competition. and i want to congratulate ellis and that is going to be honoring all of the accomplishments this year with their multiple acknowledgments, both state and federal, and local accomplishments, and congratulations to principal esito for all that she has done to work closely with the staff to make all of that happen and the parents. congratulations to everyone on that. and i know there is, i am sorry.
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>> my schedule looks a little bit different. there is one other thing that imented to share, so on saturday, at city hall, college track is going to be hosting college track san francisco day and it is an opportunity to expose our students to mentor and career fields that low income first generation students that are under represented in including technology and junior engineering science and sales. and so there will be folks from multiple organizations in those arenas that will be mentoring 200 youth that are part of college track to help them think about careers and stem and to connect them with internship opportunities down the road. so that is going to be on saturday from 11 to 3. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioner wynns? >> thank you. >> i want to announce that the
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budget committee will meet on march 6, at 6:00. and then, second i just wanted to say that the school of the arts, spring musical, 42nd street will open on thursday night and i am not at liberty to announce the surprise guest in the pit that night. because they have not announced it yet. >> it was in the chronicle today. >> okay. >> having said that, i understand there to be two, but one of them as left. so the superintendent, i have tickets for friday night because i got them before this thursday night opening night. treat was announced so i may have to sneak in the back. but any way superintendent carranza will be in the pit and run out there and get your
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tickets and always the musical is extraordinary there and it will be wonderful and congratulations to on you musicians. >> vice president fewer. >> yes, thank you, so i just wanted to mention that we have a couple of read aloud. alamo is tomorrow and the schools is friday and the 8th is sherman and so if anyone is interested. and then, really? >> okay. lock is friday, too. so if you want to road. but i also just want to remind our listening public that financial aid applications are due march second. so it is important to get those in and this year, you can apply for a grant if you are an ab 540 student which is a new development. so i want to make sure that all of our students and parents know that every single one of our counselors have been trained to assist you with
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these horrible daunting forms. so, i advise everyone to start early, because in case you are missing one or two items it will eliminate your applications so you want to make sure that you have time to be reviewed and if you are missing something you can edit your application to make the march second deadlines, so everybody it is the second half of our promise to or for a greater opportunity and to enter college, and we are graduating all students, ready for college, eligible, and are living wage job and this is the second half of the promise that there is money for you to go to. so i applied for my three children to go to college, and all of the grants and fasfa forms and i advise everybody to do so. >> superintendent you had an announcement? >> i want to echo what vice president fewer just said.
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i just completed my fsafa form and you may think, well, why? i am finishing my doctorate and i have one semester left and i applied and i did the fasfa so if i can do it, you can do it. okay? it is superintendent-proof. so, my quick announcement, i want to thank the board for moving through this meeting quickly. i need to get home and practice. but i do want to announce for the public that this saturday the march second from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. we will be having our school planning summit at everet middle school that is 450 church street and you can log on to the district's website and you can register for the school planning summit. and you don't have to be a member of the school site council although if you are a member that would be wonderful for you to come. you will have an opportunity to have some very interactive sessions.
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all of our schools will be there and all of the leadership from the schools and the district will be there as well and we will talk budget and strategic planning, you need to sign up in advance if you would like child care., come on to the website and you can sign up and we look forward to seeing all of you there. >> thank you. >> translation is available. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioner? >> i have a quick announcement in the spirit of letting sacramento know that we are not in the clear yet, this weekend, i will be chairing what is our eleventh annual uc student association lobby conference that is a 3-day conference and we prepare in the lobby and clinics and workshops and it
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culminate.. s on monday where the students and as well as staff and high school students and uc, and csc students come together and march on the capitol and have a rally, last year we had 10,000 and we are hoping for that number this year, no matter the number, we are going to make a statement to sacramento that we need more support and public education and stow so we will be there and the public is welcome and we will be starting at 10 a.m. in sacramento and so please join us. >> thank you. >> one last before we move on, commissioner mendoza reminds me one last item. tomorrow is the media day for the youth arts festival which will be opening i believe next week the 7th of march. and at the asian art museum this year, this is a new venue for it, it is the youth art festival and a lot of
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performance and visual art displays. >> it is young at heart. >> no it is youth festival now. >> yeah. >> so, i will be participating the superintendent will be participating. and i believe that the mayor as well will be there. he is hosting the media event tomorrow on the steps, yes. and so you may will get some coverage and maybe you will check out the arts festival and it is going to be great. >> we are going to move on now to item t and report of closed section actions. from the closed section of february 19, 2013, the board of education approved by a vote of five ayes and two absent, mendoza and maufas the expulsion of one student. and five ayes and one nay the executive director. >> there are no informational
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items and item v is the adjournment and we are going to adjourn in the memory of fansworth he joined in 1959 and served in many positions he was a principal, and assistance principal, and assistance principal, and head teacher at ben franklin middle cool and member of the district's personnel task force in 1968 and assistant superintendent and area four superintendent in 78 and 79. director of curriculum and human resources even in retirement he stayed busy and worked as a military communication instruct and her taught at foothill college. there are many employees that remember him with fondness, the board of education and the superintendent of schools express our sincere condolences to the family. meeting adjourned.
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